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I started this blog in May of 2008, shortly after my election to the School Committee, because I believed it was very important to both provide the community with an opportunity to share their thoughts with me about our schools and to provide me with an opportunity for me to ask questions and share my thoughts and reasoning. I have found the conversation generated on my blog to be extremely helpful to me in learning community views on many issues. I appreciate the many people who have taken the time to share their views. I believe it is critical to the quality of our public schools to have a public discussion of our community priorities, concerns and aspirations.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Superintendents Vivian and Sprague Resign; Maria Geryk Appointed

The Amherst-Pelham, Pelham, and Amherst School Committees announce acceptance of the resignation of Interim Co-Superintendents Helen Vivian and Al Sprague for personal reasons. Concurrently, the School Committees have appointed Maria Geryk as Interim Superintendent, effective February 27 through June 30, 2009.

Ms. Geryk has served as Director of Student Services for the district for the past six years. She has current certifications in the following areas: Intensive Special Needs, School Psychologist, Supervisor/Director - Pupil Personnel Services, and Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent.

The School Committees appreciate the services of Dr. Vivian and Mr. Sprague and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.


Ed said...

Two things:

First, I do appreciate the form, including the "appreciate" part.

Second, what about Shutesbury? It is on the building, I assume it is part of *some* district, and, well???

Anonymous said...

Finally, they're gone. That was a painful, wasteful experience for the Amherst community. Hopefully, lessons will have been learned.

Anonymous said...

Would that be "Don't hire a superintendent who will announce leaving two months before the end of the school year" as the last one did?

Anonymous said...

Slightly related quote: "David Sklarz has retired from West Hartford schools saying he wanted to do something different." Have to ask, is the word out that Amherst is a good place in which to retire? Hopefully, the SC will select somebody on the way up and not one coming in from the pasture. Or perhaps, a person from within. I'm sure he/she exists.

Anonymous said...

Dear Catherine,

Oh my! What a mind blower.
Can we be privy to the "personal reasons" the former superintendents left, please?
Maria Geryk--interesting choice. Has she been asked to remain at her same salary for the betterment of the greater school budget crisis? Has she been asked to forgo any raise that may result in this promotion, temporary as it may be??? Why haven't I seen anything that is directed at the administrators being requested to give up their raises???

Ed...Shutesbury elementary school is part of the Erving/Wendell/Leverett, district Union 28, if this is what you were asking.

Thank you for this opportunity. I am looking forward to your answer.