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I started this blog in May of 2008, shortly after my election to the School Committee, because I believed it was very important to both provide the community with an opportunity to share their thoughts with me about our schools and to provide me with an opportunity for me to ask questions and share my thoughts and reasoning. I have found the conversation generated on my blog to be extremely helpful to me in learning community views on many issues. I appreciate the many people who have taken the time to share their views. I believe it is critical to the quality of our public schools to have a public discussion of our community priorities, concerns and aspirations.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Student News Season Finale!

Just wanted to alert my blog readers that I was invited for my first ever interview by the Student News, and this interview will be shown next week. I haven't seen the final segment they will use, but we had a very interesting discussion (lasting about 45 minutes) with some very insightful questions.

Here is the blurb about this episode from the ARHS Parent News:

The June 2010 special hour-long season two finale of Student News will be airing this coming Monday, June 14 at 7pm on ACTV, for Frontier Community Access Television and Hadley TV-5, check your local listings. This special episode features an extended, in-depth interview with Amherst School Committee Member Catherine Sanderson, covering all the hot spots on town issues; from budget cuts, to increased testing, to Union 26, to the override, and some interesting information about school populations. And, you will - of course - get some great headlines and a Feel Good Story-of-the-Week.

You will also be able to view this and other past episodes of Student News online at: Just find Student News on the list and click on "view."

Student News is an independent, monthly half-hour news show produced by high school students in the Pioneer Valley. Since it first aired in February 2009, it has grown from a team of about 10-people to over 20 youth reporters, producers, editors, and studio crew from Amherst, Hadley, Pelham, Belchertown, Leverett, and Northampton. More information about how to join the team and clips of past shows are available at the website:

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LarryK4 said...

Let's hope they edit with a fair degree of professionalism.